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Quadient Oceania FAQs

  • What is Quadient Oceania?
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  • How do I contact customer support?
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  • How do I provide general feedback?
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Manufacturing Partner FAQs

  • How do I sell our products on the QuadientAU eShop?
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  • I would like to feature a particular product or post a thought leadership article.
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eShopping FAQs

  • I would like to know about shipping and handling, including information on international shipping.
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  • I would like to learn more about your return policy.
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  • I love deals and bargains and would like to sign up for your eShop newsletter and gain exclusive access to NeoCrate(newsletter subscriber only offers) as well as monthly promotions.
  • Please type your email address into the subscribe section in the footer at the bottom of this page and click 'subscribe'.
  • How do I provide feedback on my shopping experience or on the products?
  • To find out how, please click here.
  • I have pricing and description queries or any possible inaccuracies.
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  • Are all prices inclusive of GST?
  • No, all prices are exclusive of GST.
  • Are there any credit card fees?
  • Yes, there are fees for any spend of AUD$5000 and above (inclusive of GST).
    AMEX - 3.75% and Visa / Mastercard - 1.1%

Credit FAQs

  • I have questions regarding my credit application.
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  • I would like to increase my credit, how do I do so?
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  • How do I check my credit balance?
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Service FAQs

  • Do Quadient have Helpdesk Support?
  • YES. Quadient offer Helpdesk Support for all customers on a Maintenance Contract. Simply Phone through on 1800 422 349 select option '2' for service and on of our friendly members can offer on the spot support.The team will log a Telephone Support Case and one of our specialised Technicians will call back to assist with troubleshooting over the phone.
  • What are the Call Centre Operating Hours?
  • 8:00 am to 5:30 pm AEST Monday - Friday.

    Call centre is unavailable on Weekends & Public Holidays.
    However, online bookings and email ( requests are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. All requests will be logged in our System with priority once we return to Standard operating hours.
  • What are our Field Support Hours?
  • 8:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday - Friday.

    Out-of-hours and weekend support is available on an ad-hoc basis.
    Please contact our Service team to obtain terms.
  • What are Quadient Non-Contract Service Terms?
  • Just contact our dedicated National Call Centre on 1800 422 349 select option '2' or email ( and one of our friendly team members can provide our Service Terms and charges.
  • How do I order consumables?
  • Please contact our Sales Department on 1800 422 349 select option '1' for Sales.
  • What locations do Quadient have Field Technicians and Technical Support?
  • Quadient have experienced Factory-trained Technicians in every major Australian capital city. We also support other cities and non-metro areas, through an extensive Regional Service Dealer Network of 75 Dealers.
  • How do I log a Service Call?
  • Either:
    Just call our dedicated National Call Centre on 1800 422 349 select option '2' OR
    Email your request through to OR
    Make a booking online if that's more convenient.

    We will log your service request into our system and you will receive an email notification with Cast Confirmation and Case Reference Number.
  • What information is required to log a Service Call?
  • Please provide as much of the following information as possible when calling or emailing your request. This will make it easier to log your request.
    • - Company Name
    • - Address
    • - Phone Number
    • - Site Contract
    • - Email Address
    • - Equipment Serial Number or Service Quote No.
    • - Equipment Model
    • - Brief Fault Description
  • How do I get a Service Case Update?
  • Just email your case update requests to or contact our National Call Centre on 1800 422 349 selection option '2' for Service.
  • What if parts are required to complete my repair?
  • Quadient holds a comprehensive spare parts inventory in our National Warehouse and utilises the DropPoint parts delivery infrastructure for next morning delivery.
  • What does my Warranty cover?
    • - All equipment supplied by Quadient is warranted to be fit for purpose and purchasers are protected by Australian Consumer Law.
    • - The machine purchased from Quadient Oceania is warranted for a period of twelve months from the date of purchase.
    • - PLEASE NOTE: Warranty Cover is not a Service Contract.
    • - The warranty extends only to defects occurring under normal operating use of the product where in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
    • - The benefits given to the purchaser are in addition to all other rights and remedies to which the purchaser is entitled to by law.
    • - If the machine is subject to a claim outside of a normal Quadient Oceania service area, the purchaser is responsible for all freight costs.
    • - Quadient Oceania does not accept liability for any loss arising from the failure of the machine nor from incorrect operation.
    The Warranty does not cover:
    • - Mileage or travelling time in respect of on-site service outside 80km of the Quadient Oceania service area (Capital City).
    • - Priority response.
    • - Routine service requested by the purchaser.
    • - Parts needing replacement due to normal wear and tear.
    • - Service required arising from the purchaser's failure to correctly operate the machine, to observe our instructions, or service carried out which reveals that the machine is in normal working order.
    • - Freight or transport charges.
    • - Damage to the machine caused by operator error, misuse or from damage caused by transporting the machine.
    • - Damage caused by fire, water or any act of nature.
  • What does my Comprehensive Maintenance agreement cover?
  • Standard Comprehensive:
    • - On-site call outs on request.
    • - Parts.
    • - Labour.
    • - For Postage Meters, On Line Service (OLS) remote servicing, server connectivity for Postage resets & Postage Rate Downloads as implemented by Australia Post.
    • - Average Next Business Day response (Metro).
    • - Prioritised response over customer with 'No Service Contract' or 'Warranty' only.
    • - Help Desk Support for remote trouble shooting.
    • - Preventative maintenance on request.
    Production Comprehensive:
    • - On-site call outs on request.
    • - Parts.
    • - Labour.
    • - Priority Response as per individual agreement as agreed (Metro).
    • - Help Desk Support for remote troubleshooting.
    • - Preventative maintenance as agreed.
    Back to Base Comprehensive:
    • - Parts.
    • - Labour.
    • - Help Desk Support for remote troubleshooting.
    • - Customer to deliver equipment to the nearest Quadient Oceania Branch.
    • - Quadient will repair / replace & return the equipment.
    On Line Service (OLS) or Rate Download Agreement (RDA):
    • - Remote Service access for Postage Meters.
    • - Maintaining Postage Meter records & transactions for connectivity to the Quadient Diamond recrediting system.
    • - Updating software operating systems for Postage Meters.
    • - Periodical Australia Post Postage Rate updates.
    • - Access to Quadient Oceania Postage Meter Help Desk for Remote troubleshooting.
    • - Maintain account records & manage meter postage transactions between financial institutions, Quadient credit server & Australia Post.
  • How do I arrange a Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement for my equipment?
  • Email us at or Call Us on 1800 422 349 select option '2' for Service.